Felis Frederick

Kalinago Kreations

To say Felis comes from a long-line of basket weavers, is quite the understatement. The Frederick family lives in the Kalinago Territory on the island of Dominica where they live a simple, communal life, carrying on the rich traditions of their ancestors.  Kalinago people are the indigenous people of Dominica, formerly Caribs.

Felis did not gain an appreciation for his culture’s baskets until he was in his 30’s.  When he told his mother he was weaving, she laughed.  He told her “don’t worry, you will see." Felis incorporates the Kalinago traditional methods while adding what he calls a bit of island spice to his creations. His basket weaving is admired both regionally and internationally.

He now makes his home on the island of Guadeloupe where he works with local youth creating varied art forms to preserve the Kalinago culture.  Felis first visited Saba in August 2016 when he worked with the Saba community to revitalize the traditional Saba hoo basket and teach his methods of material harvesting and weaving styles. 

Felis Frederick - Authentic Caribbean handmade baskets.