Gloria Johnson

Saba Dolls

“I wanted to make dolls so that people had something to take home and cuddle that reminded them of the loving Saba people."


Gloria attributes her creative sewing talents to her Polish-immigrant grandmother who made fur coats.  Married to a local Johnson, only a discerning ear can catch that her roots are from Queens, New York.  Gloria combines sewing, embroidery, applique work, darning and Saba Lace to create these distinctive Saba treasures.  Each doll made by Gloria is unique both in its structure and the lacework incorporated in the hat, dress or apron of the doll.  Gloria purchases the Saba Lace from Florence Johnson in Windwardside.  

Saba Lace, or drawn thread work, is an age-old art form brought to Saba by Venezuelan nuns.  You can join the local ladies on Thursday afternoons at the Eugenius Center in Windwardside to learn the craft or gain an appreciation for the intense detail and painstaking work needed to execute even a small piece of lace.

Timeless, unique creations.

Gloria Johnson - Saban Doll Maker