Heleen Cornet

Functional Art

Not just a throw pillow or a napkin to add to your home, but a work of a master!  Saba's prolific artist Heleen Cornet has captured Saba like no other.  We have chosen a selection of her work so that you can have a sentimental piece of functional art to remind you of your Saba experience. 


Choose from Saba's dive sites, Saba's cottages or her renowned Mt. Scenery cloudforest  works.  Heleen came to Saba with her husband, Tom van ‘t Hof in the early 80’s.  As a biologist, Tom worked with the governments on both Bonaire and Saba to establish their marine parks.  His approach to marine protection is well documented and has been vital to setting up other marine protected areas around the world.  Tom and Heleen camped in the cloudforest of Mt. Scenery extended periods.  While Heleen took these inspired times to canvas, Tom’s scientific observations are preserved in Saba's Unique Cloudforest, one of his books that can be purchased at the Saba Trail Shop as well as on Amazon.com.  What a team!


 Heleen’s original paintings can be found at Five Square Art Gallery.  You can also find Heleen’s  Saban Cottages book at the Everyt'íngs shop in Windwardside or on Amazon.com.