Marie Petit
Petit Bijoux

We aptly named Marie’s work “Petit Bijoux”, as the French word for jewelry is “bijoux”.  Marie was born in the Normandy area of France.  She has always enjoyed keeping her hands busy...from cooking to puzzles; idleness is not her forte.  She started with only electrical pliers and recycled copper wire but has since taught herself many different techniques and acquired more instruments to achieve her visions.  Marie attributes the annual Sea & Learn on Saba program for enhancing her inventory by utilizing local, natural and recycled resources.  Marie creates her “one-of-a-kind” pieces while pursuing her love of nature, exploration and conservation.  Marie regularly hikes and explores to seek, salvage, and unearth new bits and baubles—from seed pods and wood chips to glass and pottery shards—and then constructs unique, make-a-statement jewelry.  She came to Saba as a dive instructor and is also a trained chef with a repertoire of fantastic dishes.  Ms. Petit is available for workshops, simple repairs and commissioned creations out of your own keepsake materials.

Marie Petit - Jewelry maker on Saba