Melanie Marks
Mel Made

“I’ve been told that I see things differently…living on a small island with few outlets for “new”, I think about what I can create from something.”


Mel is known for her sense of style.  Think big city meets nature before viewing her creations.  She will be the first to admit she’s still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up…which is how she came to Saba.  She left the corporate world and decided to pursue a dive master internship on Saba but found she was more suitable to dive for pleasure and offer her organizational and creative skills in the diversified happenings at Sea Saba Dive Center.


As a retail buyer, her interactions with tourists drew her to creating her first works to satisfy others.  Yearning to occupy her spare time in a creative way, Mel began with creating mosaics. When her father visited in 2014, they spent many hours restoring items others had discarded.  In the true spirit of “one man’s refuse is another man’s treasure”, their dumpster diving yielded a number of jaw-dropping reincarnations.  In the process, Daddy created a workshop for Mel and MelMade was launched.  Now Mel’s only problem is time--while her imagination continues to run wild. 

 She hopes to inspire others to pause and seek their inspirational core; whether the outcome pleases others or not, should not diminish the satisfaction achieved with the process..." just try something!"

Melanie Marks - Artist of Saba