"I love to create a knife with meaning.  I met a guy named Mel who told me how special it would be to create a knife form the elk horn his father shot in Montana 1942.  He considered the elk horns as a family heirloom." The handle of this knife has textures and colors you just can't manufacture.  Brass rivets connect the handle to the blade, blending aesthetics with durability.  The blade is cut from 440C stainless steel ensuring its longevity, hardness and ability to hold the sharpest edge possible.  The steel was hand cut, hardened at 1900F then tempured at 400F to alleviate the tensions of the hardening before its final phase of sharpening and polishing. Be assured this blade will hold an edge longer than any knife you can buy commercially.  The sheath is hand crafted from vegetable-tanned European leather and hand stitched.  This knife was custom made and sold to that indivdual but serves as an example of the type of knife available for custom orders.

Elk Horn Heirloom