This blade is 1/8" stock 440C stainless steel with loveless brass rivets and John's signature hand made sheath.  This knife is modeled after the Schrade Uncle Henry--one of Field and Stream's 20 Best Knives Ever Made.  As John tributes his appreciation for nature to Grand Dad Jim, his maternal grandfather, it was more fitting to personalize the name.  After John lost his father at a tender age, Jim embraced the task of rearing a young man. Taking the boy out of the city, Jim introduced John to camping in the country, choosing a roadside campsite, swimming in a village river and watching badgers scurry in the shafts of moonlight--life was simpler.


Handles available in Cocobolo and Thuya Burl and olive.  Cocobolo is a Central American hardwood.  Zoom in to view the magnificent color variations.  Thuya Burl is an exotic wood that the Greeks named thuya, meaning sacrifice, because they used an oil distilled from it as incense in their religious ceremonies.The burls are as beautiful as they are fragrant and the Greeks and Romans vied with each other over furniture made from them. Thuya trees, along with cedars and oaks, once covered the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco, but because of over cutting, large areas have been treeless for hundreds of years. Its color varies from a rich, lustrous golden brown to nearly black. The eyes, perfectly round, are scattered about in some burls like the figure in bird's-eye maple; in others they are grouped as islands. Exquisite woods! 


Price includes handmade leather sheath.  Choose from cocobolo, olive or thuya burl woods.  Custom orders also available in West Indian mahogany.

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