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Saban Rock Living    

Saba Rock Living is all about everyday well-being. The products created by Veronica Janzon are pure and natural well-being products, made on Saba.  Veronica uses as many indigenous and locally grown ingredients as possible as well as re-introducing Saban folklore to remedies and recipes to create her products. With a mission to keep it true to Saba, while honoring the island’s culture and nature, Saba Rock Living products incorporate natural ingredients while respecting the island's environment. ​


With a goal to supply products for women, men, children and pets, Saba Rock Living products emphasize the strength and versatility of natural ingredients, essential oils and other pure products. A true “cottage industry”, all products are made by Veronica from her white cottage with green shutters in Windwardside.  Re-purposing and re-usage of materials and by-materials such as containers and packaging (glass, Heineken bottles, paper, biodegradable plastic, coconuts etc) is a priority to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible and to leave the customer with a reusable by-product.  Learn more about how you can live healthier with alternative products for your body and home that minimize the negative effects on our bodies, our coral reefs and our planet.  We can all make a difference.