Sally Wraight

MetalWorking with Silver

"I'm not much of a planner, I love just playing with silver and seeing what will come out."


Sally has been creating art in many forms since she was a child. She learned embroidery and knitting at the age of 5, and was hooked! Born in Nigeria, she lived in The Gambia, until she moved back to England at the age of 5 to attend boarding school. You may notice an African influence in some of her jewelry!


Life outside of London lead to a lifelong love of the theatre, and Sally worked in the theatre and the ballet for over 11 years. Her degree in Home Economics led to a life full of adventure and art in all forms - she even worked as a volunteer tutor cook!

Inspiration for her jewelry comes from her travels and all the places she's lived. as well as the natural world around her. A lot of her recent work is based on coral she's found on Saba, and well as the light through the apple trees at her home in England.