Susan Tenholt

Alternative Canvas

“To make a mark on a canvas is to open the door of possibility of being moved profoundly and to move others. That is what painting is all about. That is the heart and soul of painting.” 
–Jerry Fresia

Susan paints every day.  It’s what she does; it’s who she is.  Her studio in Windwardside is her escape room…producing what moves her.  Recognizing her gift to produce paintings, the Kakona team asked her to take her talents to Saba’s natural canvases.

Susan has lived on Saba for 22 years but grew up in Hereford, the center of England.  Encouraged by her seamstress mother, Susan can't remember not painting.  She holds an Honors Degree in Fine Arts and a Post Graduate degree in art education.  After school, the yearn to travel found her in southern Europe and Africa before she applied for a teaching position on Saba.  She has been an art teacher in secondary schools on both Saba and St. Maarten and is part of the artist community that regularly paints together at different natural venues.  


You can enjoy her mural art on the walls of The Bottom Bean Café on Saba or stop in to her studio on the main road in Windwardside to observe or purchase her paintings on canvas.