Veronica Janzon

Saba Rock Living

“It’s not just about something that smells good; it’s about knowing a product is good”

Although her official nationality is Swedish, Veronica was raised in Japan, Denmark, Greece and went to high school in the USA; she is fluent in many languages. Veronica Janzon moved to Saba in 2014 with her husband Rob.


From the moment she arrived on Saba, she was enthralled with Saba’s raw beauty and the varied fresh scents.  As an avid hiker, Veronica continues to explore and appreciate Saba’s 7 climate zones and the fauna variety at each elevation. 

And speaking of variety, Veronica has worked in the IT industry, as an interior designed, a global HR director as well as a certified aesthetician. After working in a more traditional spa using state of the art, although chemically modified products, Veronica's aim is to share her knowledge and skills so that we can all experience well being products with a natural, sustainable, environmentally-responsible approach.