Wandering Beach

Dune Jewelry

Saba’s wandering beach is just another remarkable natural wonder of the Unspoiled Queen.  We work with Holly Daniel’s Dune Jewelry to create experiential fine jewelry from the inimitable sand of Well’s Bay, Saba.  Timeless, like no other, original Saba keepsakes. 

Created from the highest quality materials including .925 sterling silver and handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA®, each piece is unique and crafted to last forever.    

Saba’s lack of beaches is considered a blessing by many and perhaps one reason the Unspoiled Queen has not been exploited like so many other islands.  But there is one renowned beach…Well’s Bay.  This beach is so special; it’s been researched for more than 25 years.   From its angle of repose to the shape of its cobbles to its storm scarp and storm bar, there’s real science behind Saba’s wandering beach and why it comes and goes and why the sand is the color it is.  Click here for a full slide show of Dr. Jennifer Rahn’s study: 

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